Fishing Status

The pond has been closed to fishing to evaluate the status of the fish population and to replace the minnows which the mergansers and cormorants have been catching. As soon as this evaluation is complete we will reopen for fishing again — possibly with “catch and release” restrictions. There have been issues with removal of grass carp – fish that were stocked by the CHVOA and are non-reproducing.

CVHOA Votes Not to Pursue Dredging

Coronado Village Homeowners Association (CVHOA) Announcement

At a meeting of the CVHOA Board of Directors on 24 Feb. 2005, a recount of votes revealed that there was not an affirmative vote by a majority of the Membership to incur debt and to pursue the dredging proposal presented at the General Membership meeting on 21 Feb. 2005. Although an initial quick count appeared to indicate affirmation, careful integration of new Memberships data by the Board Members showed that there was not a majority of the whole CVHOA Membership giving approval to incur debt.

We have received permission from NCDENR to impound water in Maynard Pond. The valve on the dam was closed on Thursday night, 24 Feb. 2005 and the Board is proceeding with testing of the dam and appurtenant structures.

Board Members will be starting a fundraising campaign to begin collecting funds for dredging work. The Board hopes to be able to do a complete dredge of the pond in the future when enough funds are in the repair fund. We hope that the Town of Cary will be a partner in this work.