Minutes – July 2017

Attending: William & Lauren Earnhardt, Pam Howe, J.G. Depoy, JoAn Purvis, Matt White, Gary Bulman, Scott Auger

Scott reviewed the notes for May 17, 2017 for action items.

Lauren reviewed the budget status. As of 6/30/17, we have $6,653.27 in our checking account and $10,662.70 in the Money Market account, for a total of $17,315.97. This does not include the annual insurance payment of slightly over $1000. We have received $5,105 in membership dues to date during 2017.

Scott submitted check to the Adcock Agency to cover the insurance renewal on July 10.

Lauren is planning to move the PO box from Kildaire Farm to downtown Cary.

Matt led discussion of landscaping. We are continuing with voluntary grass cutting to reduce maintenance expenditures during 2017. Matt will continue to coordinate the voluntary landscaping effort.

Scott suggested that slopes of dam should be periodically cut primarily for inspection purposes.  Feedback was that primary concern is with the large brush and tree growth. Maintenance cutting will be considered as needed after the growing season.

Gary expressed concern for maintenance of shoreline growth along the inlet area of pond.

We also discussed possible need for confirming the CVHOA property boundary. Homeowners should contact the CVHOA before tree cutting. Gary pointed out that this has not been activity enforced in past and property owners have saved the association a lot of money over the years on tree maintenance.

William accepted the nomination as President for the CVHOA. Scott is stepping down as an officer.  Follow-up is needed to notify the bank of this change.

We discussed plans for the Work Day, Annual and Ice Cream Social on August 19. (Annual Meeting provides opportunity to formerly confirm William as President along with other CVHOA officers.). Confirmed approval for Lauren to spend about $50 for picnic expenses. Also, it was noted that Matt is authorized to make appropriate expenditures from the authorized landscaping budget for the Work Day.