Minutes – January 2016

The CVHOA met at 7 p.m., January 12, 2016, with Scott Auger presiding.  Present were Zsolt Nagy, Waite Warren, Gary Bulman, William Earnhardt, Joan Purvis, Erin Loftus, Tucker Bullock, J. G. DePoy, and Joanne Reid.

The minutes of the November 10, 2015 board meeting were read, emended, and approved.

Waite and Zsolt reported that there seems to be no new beaver activity on the pond.  Prior to the holidays there was beaver evidence at the old spillway, but the most recent round of trapping seems to have resolved the problem for now.  Muskrats have been using the abandoned beaver den.

Gary reported that engineer Bill Daniel assessed the minor erosion in the channel.  No major repair is required, just some re-armoring of the affected areas.  This is not an emergency, but the erosion will worsen if not remedied.  Gary will try to get an estimate from Clint Johnson within the next two weeks.  William Earnhardt mentioned that the state’s annual inspection of the dam occurred December 1st and no infractions or major problems were found.

The low-lying area near the intersection of Coronado Way and Warren Ave was discussed.  The sinkhole and the ponding that occurs along the road are indicative of a larger drainage problem in that area.  The sinkhole needs to be back-filled, and the whole area needs to be re-graded.  Zsolt suggested that we should have Clint Johnson provide an estimate for this work as well as the channel erosion repairs.  The Town of Cary has been contacted by residents in the past about the ponding in the road, but claims this as a landscape problem not within the Town’s scope of responsibility.

Scott reported on the Cary Town Council meeting he attended in December, where the Maynard Pond property was discussed.  Council members said that in mid-2016 they would consider a possible 2017 budget item to do “due diligence” to assess the pond and issues related to it.  One council member said that our neighborhood is “ripe for redevelopment.”  Scott reported that Council Member Steve Brown said that CVHOA is “probably not” obligated to the Town to provide public access to the pond.  Scott said that in terms of liability, we might be better off posting No Trespassing and Private Property signage.  He asked that everyone consider this change ahead of the next meeting so we can discuss it further.

Will provided the Treasurer’s Report, reviewed 2015 expenditures, and submitted a Proposed Operating Budget for 2016.  Last year we came out about $900 ahead because of new memberships.   Upcoming expenditures were discussed.  Zsolt reported on landscaping needs for 2016, including grass-cutting, maintenance of the pond’s perimeter, and tree removal.   Several small fallen trees in the channel and a huge dead tree by the dam need to be removed, preferably before the large tree becomes hazardous.  Zsolt has an estimate of $2900 from Arborex ($1500 for the huge tree, $1400 for the others).  There was discussion of the landscaping budget and how best to allocate funds for general maintenance versus tree removal.  Ultimately the Proposed Operating Budget for 2016 was approved as submitted, with $4900 allocated for Landscaping.  The tree removal will be handled as a separate special expenditure from the General Fund.  A motion to allocate $2900 for tree removal was made, seconded, and carried.

Zsolt provided a CD with Clint Johnson’s images of the dam repair and gave it to William Earnhardt for use on the CVHOA website.  Zsolt also submitted draft copies of the 2016 Maynard Pond Landscape Maintenance Plan, to be discussed and approved at the March meeting.  “Hot spot” erosion sites near the benches at the dam entrance and near the grand pine will need to be discussed in the future.  Beaver dam remediation might also be needed.  Zsolt plans to do winter cleanup around the pond this Saturday in case others are able to join him.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m.  Scott expressed the need for a Vice President and asked for help enlisting someone for the office.  We also need to set a date for a General Membership Meeting in the spring; this will be added to the agenda for March.

Scott opened the floor for discussion.  Tucker proposed transitioning the CVHOA from a homeowners’ association into a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with a new name such as the Maynard Pond Preservation Society.  This might give the organization broader appeal, help widen membership, and possibly make it easier to collaborate with the Town of Cary (which is wary of engaging with private HOAs).  The idea generated a lot of interest.  Scott requested further research on the legal and financial implications of such a change.  Discussion will continue at the March meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.