Minutes – March 2015

The CVHOA met on March 11, 2015, with Scott Auger presiding. Present for the meeting were Gary Bulman, Lauren Earnhardt, William Earnhardt, Waite Warren, Vickie Barnes, Mary Hinson, Cecil Hinson, and Joan Purvis.

Don Frantz, member of the Cary Town Council, was a guest at the beginning of the meeting at Scott Auger’s invitation. The board felt a meeting with Don would provide an opportunity to present an overview of our efforts to maintain the lake and the difficulties we are encountering due to limited voluntary membership. At present CVHOA is able to meet its obligations with regard to insurance coverage, mowing and landscape, and small maintenance needs. However, any emergency or large scale repair (i.e. dredging to remove silt) would be beyond the capability of our budget.

Don had reviewed documents related to Maynard Pond and the board filled in the history of the CVHOA purchase and organization to maintain the area. The board will discuss various options including approaching the Town of Cary to take over the property. Don will look into any options available through the town. He did note that grant monies are available through various environmental and conservation organizations and suggested that the board look into this area. He will attend a future meeting and the board voted to continue to work with him in planning for the future.

Following the meeting with Don Frantz, the board discussed long term plans for maintenance of the lake and possible future problems. The board unanimously approved a motion to continue to work with Don on future plans and issues.

Minutes for the board meeting on January 14, 2015 were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved. The General Fund balance was $1,703.83, the Money Market fund was $15,654.37, for a total of $17,358.20. The Operating Budget for 2015 was approved.

The next board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th as several board members will be away during May. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.